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Take power back over your mind, break through the painful barriers that keep you stuck in past results or insecure ambitions; unleash your innate creative potential and play & perform with freedom of mind. Denise’s approach to transformation brings together thirty years’ experience of human performance in sport as both a national athlete and coach and insight into the spiritual nature of human life. A whole new resilient and creative way of living, playing, and performing becomes visible through stories of sustainable change and guidance inwards upstream to the source of your transient, arbitrary reality.
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Denise is the former Scotland National Coach for Netball, and the founder of the business Class Performance – Excellence Within. She has over 25 years experience in performance sport as an athlete, selector, mentor, performance director and more recently as a national coach. Her highlight was leading the Scottish Thistles, via 46 International CAPS from World Ranking 17th to 12th to gain qualification for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow 2014. This podcast series is for sportspeople, male and female, working at all levels, local, performance, and professional. Denise guides sportspeople towards leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, offering sustainability to a demanding workforce. She goes beyond traditional techniques and methodologies, designed to manipulate and control your thinking. Instead, she points you towards a profound understanding of the role of the mind to create the human experience, which allows you to transcend unhelpful and unproductive experiences in just one thought. Performance mastery becomes possible as you become less distracted by your personal thinking, and more in tune with the heart and soul of who and what you are at the core, a spiritual being manifesting in a perfect human form.

Jun 17, 2020

Wanting and waiting for things to get back to normal might sound like a useful strategy, but how helpful is this experience, and is it holding you back from creating something amazing in your life or business?

Ever noticed that no matter how difficult and challenging times get, there is a point where the ever-increasing stretch of stress, eventually collapses, and you get to start over. The human being is an incredible design, yet often we fail to notice its extraordinary ways. Irrespective of the strategies, and techniques you engage, to live your life or run a business, there is one common denominator; human consciousness works the same for all of us. It seems that clarity of mind, responsiveness, calm, and creativity are all by-products of insightfully realizing the more profound truth behind human life.

Join me with special guests Integrated Health Practitioner Scott Kelly and Musician and Author Nick Bottini - A unique transformative conversation.

Jun 3, 2020

Original Article:

Why does confidence appear to be such a critical factor in sports performance?

How lack of confidence destroyed my enjoyment and my game!

During my time as a national athlete, I could have used heaps more clarity and confidence. One time, I remember being in Australia on tour for the Hong Kong National Netball Team, that I stayed awake all night before a competition, worrying about whether I could put the ball in the basket the next day. How bizarre, losing sleep over a sport I loved, why do we do this to ourselves?

Being an over-achiever

Why is it we put ourselves under enormous amounts of pressure to do well, improve or do the right thing, especially now during the lockdown; to eat well, stay connected, get involved and be on-line, with everyone else keeping fit? What if, our state of mind is not willing? It is no surprise that people get a sense of being left behind hopelessly struggling, with low self-esteem, and falling energy levels.

I tried everything!

As a mental skills specialist, my affirmations reminded me of all the times I had performed out of my skin. Positive self-talk and visualisation practise calming my busy mind filled my training diary. My knowledge of NLP and CBT developed my capacity to be mentally and emotionally aware and re-frame my thinking to reroute from habitual negative behaviours. Yet, none of these techniques brought me the confidence I needed to sleep easy and perform well. There were times when it felt agonisingly painful, leaving my whole body hurting, and my breathing shallow. The sport was impacting my mental health and wellbeing, which ultimately hindered my performance and results.

The podcast shares the highlights from the webinar that followed this article:


Apr 22, 2020

During this Coronavirus, it’s common to want to feel better, get some relief, worry less and experience hope even amidst uncertainty and dramatic change, but where should you look?

What do you usually do when you feel uncomfortable?

Most people seem to up their game, and change something or someone out there, very few would look inside to the nature of their experience and the incredible intelligence of nature working behind the conceptual human system.

What if you have everything inside already to feel OK, yes, I know, mystics have said this for hundreds of years, but stay with me, what if it is true?

What if, all through your life, there is a resilience that you cannot explain that has got you through when things do not happen the way you want them?

What if that same intelligence is what is connecting people right now, a strong sense of unity, compassion and gratitude. After all, you don’t make yourself tear up in sincere heartfelt appreciation, it just happens! You don’t need to grind those feelings out; somehow they just come, why, because they are natural to all human life. How can you harness this innate resilience and mental and emotional wellbeing that sits within your soul, and is yours to keep, just tucked under your temporary habitual thinking of how you want life to be?